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Series REN 45*

Series REN45 (Electric)

With photoelectric sensors.

Gives a maintained output signal when both light beams are broken within .3 seconds and held. 



  • Insert fingers to break light beams. No pressure required.
  • Compact design with 1″ diameter finger holes.
  • Input and output cord included.
  • Rounded edges, no sharp edges or corners to injure operator.
  • Quick & simple installation, bolt the control down and plug in.
  • No output if control powered up with beams broken.
  • 120 V AC input & output. (Other configurations available)


  • -K     Contact output.  Suggested for connecting to PLC’s
  • -C     Cancelable output. An input from a pressure or limit valve will cancel the output.
  • -P     .5 second pulsed output.
  • -PA      1-1023 seconds adjustable pulsed output.
  • -EPB     (EXTRA PUSH BUTTON) A center mounted red push button, momentary.
  • -EPBMN     Extra center red push button, maintained
  • -24VDCO     120V AC Input, 24 VDC Output
  • -24VDCI/O     24 VDC Input, 24 VDC Output
  • -SEP-72     Separate push buttons or operators in enclosures connected by 5′ cord.